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We are Taste Interior Design. We build, design and
make your dream comes to life. We are a professional interior design company established in 2009, and to date, we have successfully completed over 200 diverse residential and commercial projects. Our design team is dedicated to creating comfortable, practical, and aesthetically pleasing spaces tailored to our clients' needs.

In residential projects, we have extensive experience, including a notable case where we designed a unit with a practical area of 3000 square feet. Regardless of the scale, we put our heart into providing unique and practical interior design solutions for our clients.

In commercial projects, we have successfully created office spaces measuring up to 7300 square feet, and have provided professional interior design services for well-known brands such as Italian restaurants, watch and jewelry stores, and more.

As a trusted interior design company, we always uphold high-quality service and innovative design concepts to deliver satisfying design outcomes for our clients. Whether you prefer a simple, European, or cozy design, we can help you bring your vision to life. Contact us today and let's make your dream home a re Design Standard

We utilize natural light and special materials to create elegant,comfortable, practical, and uniquely styled interior designs. Here are somesuggestions on how to make the most of natural light and special materials:

Introduction and Utilization of Natural Light

  • Utilize large windows, floor-to-ceiling windows, or skylights tofill the interior with natural light. Choose suitable curtains or blinds toallow soft light to enter and create a bright and comfortable space.
  • Use reflective materials such as mirrors, metal surfaces, orhigh-gloss furniture to bring light into corners and dark areas of the interior.

By utilizing the above methods, we can make full use of natural light and specialmaterials to create personalized and tasteful interior spaces.

Professional Team We have a team of experienced and highly skilled interior designers. They not only possess extensive industry knowledge but also have rich practical experience, enabling them to provide you with precise and creative design solutions. Quality Standard We spend one-third of our lives indoors, so the quality of interior design is as important as your life itself.

Strict Material Selection

We insist on using high-quality, environmentally friendly, low-formaldehyde, and zero-volatile building materials and decorative panels (E1 or E0) to ensure that your interior space is not only beautiful and durable but also protects your health and the environment.

Meticulous Construction

Our construction team carries out detailed and professional construction based on the designer's plans. Additionally, we conduct regular quality inspections to ensure that we meet our high-quality standards.

After-Sales Guarantee

We provide comprehensive after-sales services, including repairs and maintenance. If you encounter any issues during or after the renovation process, our professional team will be dedicated to resolving them for you.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is always our top priority. We maintain close communication with you based on your needs and expectations, ensuring that the design and construction process fully meets your requirements.

Professional Team

We have a team of experienced and highly skilled interior designers. They not only possess extensive industry knowledge but also have rich practical experience, enabling them to provide you with precise and creative design solutions.

AWARDS AND HONORS Our award-winning designs are functional, innovative, and recognized by industry experts. Trust us to bring your vision to life with excellence.


From start to finish. We provide a complete
interior design services. Enquiry Site survey Interview consultation Contact us via phone or email to schedule a site survey and consultation. We'll conduct an interview to understand your needs and house specifications design
development After understanding your needs, we'll start developing your concept and ideas into actual space design. We'll provide a general scope of work and cost Space Planning Quotation Design & Contract Material board Details drawing final
preparation During this phase, we'll carefully select and source the actual materials for your project, creating a material board for you to feel and see the text construction During the final phase, the construction of your refurbishment begins. To ensure top-quality work, we schedule regular inspections throughout the cons Construction Quality Control Inspections delivery Before the day you move in, we will clean up and setup all the furniture for you, providing a comfortable home for you on the day one.


Reach us Taste Interior Design Limited. RM 1302, 13/F, VALLEY CENTRE,
WAN CHAI,HONG KONG taste@tastedesign.com.hk taste@tastedesign.com.hk 3583 4897